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Antenna Measurement System

HBTE provides leading antenna measurement system which has been delivered several systems worldwide. HBTE offers various sizes and configurations for a broad range of applications. HBTE systems are easy to customized to your specific application as well as being available in a wide variety of standard configurations.

Technology of Antenna Measurement System

  • Planar near-field

  • Cylindrical near-field

  • Single probe spherical near-field

  • Multi-probe spherical near-field

  • Far-field

  • CATR(Compact Antenna Test Range)

Measurement capabilities of Antenna Measurement System

  • Gain

  • Directivity

  • Beamwidth

  • Cross-polar discrimination

  • Sidelobe levels

  • Front to back ratio

  • Radiation pattern in any polarization (linear or circular)

  • Antenna efficiency


HBTE for RF, lab evironment soltuion and test service.
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